“Teaism” by Kate Wood is one of four paintings in the 2022 Storefront Art Showcase.

Stuart, Florida’s premier framer and conservator shopthe Gilt Complex—hosts the contest. To recognize the winners, they display vibrant, oversized prints of the selected art in their storefront windows. The showcase runs through 2022. There will also be a public event to promote the display on Friday, January 7, from 5 to 9 pm.

Kate Wood owns Alchemy Fine Art Restorers. She also teaches painting at Alizarin Crimson Art Studio.

The other three artists selected are Kathleen Denis, Rich West, and Kim Rody. As you can see below, they are each highly skilled painters.

After selecting the winners, the Gilt Complex digitally framed, printed, and installed each painting in their storefront windows. Drivers on S. Colorado Ave in Stuart can spot the art while driving but must stop at the Gilt Complex to appreciate these high-quality paintings.

The public is invited to check out the showcase in person during Stuart’s First Friday Artwalk event, January 7, or to stop by the Gilt Complex at 608 S. Colorado Ave, Stuart at their convenience. The Gilt Complex has an extensive collection of fantastic frames, fine art, artisanal gifts, and much more, including a helpful and knowledgeable staff!

The contest is not a one-off event. Each year, the Gilt Complex staff selects four new artists to display in their showcase. Kate Wood, who has produced numerous public art projects throughout her career, says these displays are a great boon to the visibility of local artists.

“It’s wonderful that the Gilt Complex creates such a terrific, public-facing showcase,” said Kate Wood. “I’m thankful that Duncan, Pam, Katie, and Alex selected my work for display.”