Alchemy Fine Art Restorers in Stuart, FL provides a full range of world-class art conservation and restoration.  With over a decade of conservation experience, owner Kate Wood is a highly skilled technician. She expertly treats paintings on canvas, as well as conserving pottery, leather, porcelain, woven fabric, and wooden objects. Kate is the only conservator on the Treasure Coast with the advanced painting, sculpting, and workshop skills to restore such a range. She cares about your precious objects and takes pride in returning them to their full measure of beauty.

See our samples archive for some recent miracles.

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  • Conserving, cleaning, and restoring art;
  • Gold leaf gilding;
  • Reversing unsuccessful restoration;
  • Frame repair;
  • Sculpture, pottery, and porcelain repair;
  • Murals, signs, portraits, and logo creation;
  • Varnishing / removing varnish.
A damaged painting in the process of being cleaned by Kate Wood of Alchemy Fine Art Restorers. For before and after photos of repairs to the frame, canvas, and more, see "The Sailor's Return."

A damaged painting in the process of being cleaned by Alchemy Fine Art Restorers.

For the story behind the above image, see “The Sailor’s Return” in our samples archive.

Alchemy Values Artistic Integrity

The art, antiques, and frames that we treat are often fragile and require expert attention. Alchemy Fine Art Restorers uses the least intrusive techniques possible to ensure that the integrity of your art is maintained for posterity. Simply put, everything Alchemy does is reversible.

This attention to detail is why top collectors, dealers, and galleries in South Florida depend on Alchemy to resurrect even the most damaged objects. Owner Kate Wood has spent here entire adult life working in fine arts. Potential clients are encouraged to read the interview Restoring Beauty to better understand her commitment to excellence.

Also see Kate Wood’s Tips for Working with Art Professionals.

Contact Alchemy: If you own an object in need of professional attention, contact Alchemy Fine Art Restorers in Stuart, FL. Estimates are always free and we even provide local pickup and delivery!

Phone: (772) 287-0835; Email:


Alchemy Fine Art Restorers in Stuart, FL

Good news! We are a home-based business, which reduces cost for our customers. Because we do not have a store-front, we offer free pick up and delivery. If needed, we can also arrange to meet clients at Alizarin Crimson Art Studio, where Kate Wood works as an art instructor (Mondays and Fridays). For more information, call or email.

Alchemy Fine Art Restorers offers wholesale prices to museums, galleries, antique shops, professional framers, and auction houses.  

Art Restoration in Stuart, FL.