Kate Wood is a photo-realist artist working in multiple mediums.  Art by Kate Wood has been exhibited in galleries since the 1990s, with shows all over the US, including Denver, West Palm Beach, Eugene, Tampa and New Orleans. Kate teaches oil painting at the Artists’ Nook in Stuart, FL.

Kate’s painting Lily in the Wake (June 2015) is a 20×24 inch portrait of the Schooner Lily.

This schooner is captained by Fred Newhart and operates out of Stuart, FL. For information on how you can sail with Lily and her crew, visit Treasure Coast Sailing Adventures.

Lily in the Wake (2015)

Lily in the Wake (2015)

From their site, we find that this ship is part of history.

“As far as we know, she was the last boat purpose built to haul cargo commercially under sail power in the United States. Originally known as Lily of Tisbury, she transported primarily lumber between Martha’s vineyard and Maine. The Lily could carry up to thirteen tons of cargo in her hold and on deck. Before the 1930’s, vessels like the Lily ran in shallow waters, transporting cargo. The traditional deep keel of regular sailing vessels made it impossible to navigate shallow bays and rivers. Flat bottomed boats could navigate these waters and could even be beached to unload cargo. Many scows were custom built in the backyards of skilled carpenters.”

Lily in the Wake is available for $1200. Like all of Kate Wood’s work, it will be expertly framed before sale.

Kate’s latest painting is Teaism (August 2015). This calming portrait of a young lady reading by sunlight is available for $3500. An elegant frame for this remarkable work will be provided by Pierce-Archer in Palm Beach, FL. The painting measures 24×30 inches.


Teaism (2015)

To purchase an existing work or commission a painting, call Kate at (772) 297-0835. Kate Wood is an expert portrait painter with experience rendering everything from people to dogs to cars and boats. She also has extensive experience creating murals, stage scenery, and theater backdrops (having worked with the Shiloh Community Theater group for 15 years).

Selected art by Kate Wood can be seen in person at Frazier’s Creek Brewery in Stuart’s arts district.

On this page, we will feature newer works in a revolving display updated periodically. Clicking on an image will bring up a larger version.  Titles, sizes, and prices are in the photo caption. Kate has dozens of paintings available for purchase at any given time, so please, visit this site again for Kate’s latest paintings!

"Crab's Eye View" - Painted 2014 - 12X36 inches - $2000

“Crab’s Eye View #2” –  il on canvas – 12X36 inches – $2000

"Classic" - 2010 - painted - 18x25 inches $2500

“Classic” – oil on board – 18×25 inches SOLD.

"Cool '72" - 12x24 inches - $1200

“Cool ’72” – oil on canvas – 12×24 inches – $1200

“Portrait of Madam Chartreuse” – oil on canvas, SOLD.

Crab's View 2014

“Crab’s Eye View #1,” – oil on canvas, SOLD.

“Bessie” by Kate Wood. 2012. $2000.